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The kingdom of Balsamico: the Cookery




Surely, the kitchen is the place of excellence, the stage for the Balsamico. 
As a precious condiment sparingly used, Balsamico possesses an ability to integrate perfectly with any dish it accompanies, to not alter the taste buds but instead regenerate them over a meal; this extraordinary ability has always made the Balsamico a worthy supporter of wine, as long as the latter is judiciously chosen.
It is a tradition to use drops of Balsamico on dishes of delicacy: the tiny, brown, scented pearls go out in silence, one by one, from the small flask, without wasting a single drop, witnessed by those who are present.
The use of Balsamic should never be indiscriminate but should be motivated by an actual enrichment of taste. The real Gourmets are those who are the most interested in Balsamic as a rare and prized product. The Traditional is a sum of values that are gradually accumulated in its production, which avoids distractions, superficialilties and banalities of those who consider the food just as essential nutritional need. The table is a bliss of taste that comes from a conscious correspondence between senses and spirits with a mutual exchange of pleasure. For this reason the Balsamic goes to those who deserve it: it is something created by men only for men.


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