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"Passion lasts forever"




First of all, we need to trace back to about mid-nineteenth century when Francesco Aggazzotti wrote what is known as ‘Magna Charta' about Balsamic Vinegar and how to run a vinegar factory. We, at Aemilia Antica Acetaia, proudly present ourselves as direct descents from Aggazzotti, and that’s why, generation after generation, we have produced many barrels of Balsamic strictly following family traditions, and, at the same time, have expanded our knowledge in the field. We proudly present wooden barrels older than a century which have passed onto descendents from ancestors as gifts. We, the Vaccari family, manage Aemilia Antica Acetaia with great care and passion by making great efforts to improve every aspect and to promote an old and precious tradition. 

As owners of historic and traditional Vinegar, we merged into the Consortium producing Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PDO. Within this organization, each manufacturer contributes certain amount of Balsamic that has to be bottled. A group of expert tasters then evaluates the maturity: If the organoleptic characteristics are considered mature, the product can be bottled, or otherwise it is left for further refinements within the wood barrels.


For us, one of our eternal pursuits is that our product be unmistakably recognized by consumers and potential tasters. A further goal is to bring into every household this excellence of Italian gastronomy. Our motivation to perfect our work is the pursuit of the complete satisfaction of senses by the unique characteristics of Balsamic, and a promotion of the understanding of this product, so old but still poorly understood. 

This motivation has a name: "Passion lasts forever.”


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